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Stinging Kombucha and Green River Moringa Hot Sauces

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Stinging Kombucha & Green River Moringa Hot Sauce

By Tábor, Czech Food of Portland

Stinging Kombucha Hot Sauce from Portland, Oregon

Stinging Kombucha Hot Sauce label

Why Kombucha?

I've always loved hot sauces and decided to create one of my own, an unpasteurized sauce made with Kombucha instead of vinegar — a probiotic sauce whose gut-friendly bacteria can improve digestion and strengthen the immune system while adding zest and flavor to any dish. Kombucha is naturally fermented mushroom tea with a living colony of yeast and bacteria, and it has many benefits such as fighting harmful yeast overgrowth; improving mental clarity and mood stability; detoxification; stimulating the immune system; and improving liver function and digestion. No wonder Kombucha has been called the “Elixir of Life."

A shorter fermentation produces a sweeter Kombucha with a higher sugar content because the mother hasn't consumed all the sugar during the ferment. Longer fermentation produces a more acidic Kombucha because more of the sugar has been used and more acids produced. The Kombucha in my Stinging Kombucha Hot Sauce is slightly sweet and faintly acidic — and still ALIVE. When mixed with the other ingredients and bottled it will still be active, which is why the sauce needs to be refrigerated.

Our New Baby ! Green River Moringa

Lacto-fermented, Probiotic hot sauce, using a selection of green hot peppers & organic Moringa extract. We do not add any vinegar, since the sauce creates its own. Heat level #5-6. Bon Appetit!

100 percent of the ingredients in our Green River Moringa Hot Sauce come from the finest food suppliers in the Pacific Northwest.

Stinging Kombucha Hot Sauce

We combined our organic kombucha with a handpicked selection of spices, variations of peppers and a hint of red sauerkraut to create mouth-watering hot sauce unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. We perfected the flavor and thanks to many tasting trials have finally arrived at culinary symmetry. Not to mention synergy.

100 percent of the ingredients in our Stinging Kombucha Hot Sauce come from the finest food suppliers in the Pacific Northwest.

Heat Level

Strangely this remains a philosophical question. We've tried to come up with some kind of precise number from 1-10, (10 being “the end of the World”). But with each taste trial we realized that our subjects were developing resistance to the heat, hence 5 became 4 and so on... We therefore consider our Stinging Kombucha Hot Sauce to be somewhere between 3 (“gee, that IS spicy”) and 7 (“are you going to drink that whole beer yourself?”) but never 10!


Our Hot Sauce will tickle your tastebuds, cool you off in hot weather and will raise your metabolism. The hot sensations will momentarily take you through valleys of ever-changing bliss, but it will not continue to burn long after consumption, nor will it incur any lasting damage, physical or psychological...


Our hot sauce complements all types of foods, breakfast eggs, flavoring your home made sauces, whisk into vinaigrette for a salad, add a bit of spiciness to your burger, add to your cocktail sauce, dollop on raw oysters, steaks or chicken, combine a few drops with simple syrup & toss with a fruit salad, spice up your tacos. Some of our customers claim, S.K. makes the tastiest Bloody Mary on the planet.

Our Stinging Kombucha hot sauce will never interfere with flavor of your meal and will not numb your taste buds. It does NOT include vinegar, which can be often somewhat harsh and too acidic. Its flavor spectrum is wide with gentle kick of spiciness. Do not worry. Its burn will never linger for too long not to tamper with your meal.